Sheriff Sarah

Sheriff Sarah

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

PELD Score, IV and Patty's dad

Good news on the transplant front: the transplant team's request to raise Sarah's PELD score was accepted. She now stands at 15 which is mid-range and will allow a little more promise in terms of gaining a new liver. We continue to wait on God's timing.

Also, Patty just told me no IV will be needed as Sarah's fever has dissipated. They had been talking about putting an IV in her HEAD because all the other veins were basically shot. You can be praying that they don't need another IV at all before their departure Friday morning.

One final note: Patty's dad, Clint, has been in the hospital several weeks now for a stomach blockage. Last night he had his second surgery and is in a great deal of pain. Please pray for healing and reduction of pain. He also has had low blood pressure so we need to ask God to normalize that. And if any of you can take the time to go sit with him and visit during the day, it would be greatly appreciated. He gets very lonely and Patty's mom can't be there all day. Just say you are friends of ours. Thanks!

God bless,


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