Sheriff Sarah

Sheriff Sarah

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Another Fever and Some Deliberation

Its getting to be that we almost should expect a fever to pop up every few days. Today, Sarah hit the magical 101 barrier so now she needs to stay a couple more days to insure its nothing serious - same old story.

Patty and I have been deliberating actions to take to minimize the impact of her extended absences on the other kids, particularly Katarina. Our initial solution, at least for this weekend, is for Patty to come back and stay overnight a couple of nights. We have been so blessed with dear friends willing to sacrifice their own time (and sleep!) to stay overnight with Sarah. The reason we have reached this point is that Sarah seems much more adaptable and our absences don't nearly affect her as they do Katarina. Additionally, due to her cold and serious teething she hasn't been feeding regularly.

Please be praying we are able to maintain this regimen and that our children return to their previous states of contentment and that Katarina finds renewed comfort in the security of having her mommy closer at hand.

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  1. Hey Kirk and Patty- Do you have the whole weekend figured out? I'm sure my mom and Amy could watch Kaylee and Shawn and I could come down tomorrow night or Saturday. Let me know. We are going to the dr today to see if they can figure anything else out about Shawn so I won't be able to visit yet again. Love you! MB