Sheriff Sarah

Sheriff Sarah

Monday, April 6, 2009

A Hard Day

Patty has asked the docs to reschedule Sarah's GI scope to this week so they don't have to come home and return to Children's again on Monday for an overnight stay. No word yet on whether they can make that happen or not.

Patty will be getting a TPN refresher today or tomorrow but is very frustrated that she is being told to expect Sarah to be on TPN until transplant! Apparently, this is not unusual but still overwhelming. Patty is strung tight because this limits what we can do as a family and how long and where we can leave Sarah if we want to take the other kids out somewhere or, heaven forbid, have a date night ourselves. While we are having other people trained to work the TPN so Patty doesn't have to do that every night, we still have to be cognizant of things that could happen while we are out or in the event she has another bleed.

I know we have to adapt to things in these abnormal times and we can't completely stop the rest of life from happening but if you could be lifting up Patty today and continually in prayer. If you could even give her a call or post something to Facebook for her, that would be great.

Thanks so much

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