Sheriff Sarah

Sheriff Sarah

Friday, April 24, 2009

Day 2 - UPDATED 9:40PM

We have reached our second morning following transplant and I wanted to provide an update.

Last night, Sarah did have some issues which we suspect are pain related. Just a few minutes ago the nurse increased the amount of the pain med drip so hopefully that will help. She has been getting very agitated which has resulted in one of her abdominal drains leaking. They have had to change the dressing and bio tab on that one twice since I have been awake.

Frances from the transplant team stopped by and say she looks good. We are still a few minutes from rounds, so I will wait and see what the entire team has to say at that time. Frances did tell me she hopes to get Sarah out of her bed today to be held, which should thrill both baby and her mommy when she arrives.

Thanks for your continued prayers!


UPDATE: The docs have approved removing Sarah's catheter, NG tube and perhaps even one of the other lines!

UPDATE 2: Dr. Healey reversed the original order to remove the tubes so Sarah had to have all of them restored as before. He thought it was way too early to remove them as she had only been out of surgery a little over 24 hours.

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