Sheriff Sarah

Sheriff Sarah

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Success! Now Let's Hope it Continues

I stayed with Sarah last night and, praise God, she took THREE bottles overnight! They weren't huge amounts of breastmilk but she didn't complain once and inhaled the last two of them. So, the little girl CAN actually take a bottle...but mom just needs to be far away.

Dr. Christie came by here earlier and is hoping to take her off the lasix since her ascites are getting better. He also mentioned how they are looking to get Patty more help at home since Sarah will be on the TPN again for an indeterminate amount of time. If she will take a bottle and we can either mix some formula in with the breastmilk or at least fortify it a bit, she could gain weight in pretty short order. Quicker would be great so we could eliminate the TPN but that is a ways down the road at this point.

Thanks for all of you who have specifically been praying Sarah would take a bottle. Please continue to pray in that area and also that her cold/cough will dissipate quickly. She was hacking a little more this morning than through the night and we pray that health comes quickly for her.


  1. Good job, big girl. Yaaaaa

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