Sheriff Sarah

Sheriff Sarah

Monday, September 26, 2011

Celebrations and Transitions

Sunday we spent time with some dear friends sharing communion and a meal. One of the couples will be moving out of the area and it was a time to share stories, laughs and food before they leave. It’s a difficult time for me, personally, as they’ve both shared in many aspects of my life and my family’s life. A new chapter begins for them and I can envision great things ahead of them. I’ll miss them but realize God has bigger plans in mind for them. Their willing hearts to serve wherever they go are inspiring and I hope someday to reflect that same heart.

One week ago, my wife and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary. It’s amazing to consider how much time has passed and all that’s changed in our lives. Four little munchkins invaded our home at different stages over time, each one a beautiful addition and challenge. Somehow I’ve gotten older and my hair grayer. I’ve worked more jobs than I’d care to admit and have been laid off twice. I went from dreaming of writing to actually developing a habit of writing daily. We’ve survived Sarah’s illness and transplant. Through it all, my lovely wife, Patty, has stood with me, sharing this journey through life.

So, yes, it’s a time to celebrate. I’m celebrating the friendships that will change but not end. I’m celebrating a marriage I hope endures for another 40 years. I’m celebrating my kids growing, learning and their creativity & resourcefulness. It’s also a time of transition as we look to the future. Yes, I’m searching for a new job but there’s also the stories I believe I need to tell through my writing. There’s watching my oldest child begin the 4th grade and realize she’s growing ever closer to becoming a young woman. My parents and in-laws are growing older and their health is no longer at an optimum level. I would never say I’m experiencing a midlife crisis but it’s definitely time of change. So the question is this: Do I choose to embrace that change and what’s behind door #1, relying on God to lead me along His path for my life? O do I choose to lament where life may be headed and take my chances with door #2? It can be frustrating and challenging in certain moments but I think I’ll stick with door #1.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Back to School

Fall is almost upon us. Leaves are beginning to change color and fall from the trees. Summer is getting in those final gasps of warm weather and our children have gone back to school. Our summer weather got such a late start in the Puget Sound, it really seems like we hardly experienced summer at all. Once it began, though, the weather was glorious and my family had ample time to enjoy it.

As I've noted recently, I'm in a transition of sorts. I wouldn't call it a mid-life crisis but at 44, some people may take it for one. I consider it more of an opportunity for change and growth. In some ways, I'm headed back to "school" as well.

I have a lot to learn and I will be the first to admit it. Just three short years ago I found myself out of work following a layoff (are we seeing a pattern here?) but it seemed different. This go around, I'm determined to land a new career squarely centered on my strengths and interests. As fall brings changes galore, so has this job search. I'm considering a full-blown career change into the medical field but would also like to engage in some writing classes. Lord knows I need the help!

I'm learning --- slowly, perhaps --- that life is more than just working a 9-to-5 job. I'm looking for fulfillment in a few different areas. One of those is completing due diligence about the formation of a non-profit to assist families of seriously ill children; specifically, families with liver diseases. There are many organizations already out there that offer financial assistance and even housing. Our idea is more about emotional and physical help based on our experiences in the hospital. I will delve into this in a little more detail in a future post.

Then there's my writing, which is taking on a different nonfiction-focused edge. There are three books screaming to be written, including one picture book. I have an essay idea or two burning a hole in my pocket, and that doesn't count the one I wrote about Sarah's initial diagnosis that I still hope to land somewhere.

So, leaves begin to fall, the kids are in school and I get to learn new lessons and step forward in faith into a new beginning with my career, my writing and serving others. What a fabulous season to reside in.