Sheriff Sarah

Sheriff Sarah

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Why the Long Silence

I just looked and I haven't made a blog entry since May 9! Wow, my apologies to the loyal readership. There have been a couple of reasons for the silence:

1) not much to talk about as Sarah has been doing great

2) I've been immersed in training my replacement at work and spending a lot of time on my job search.

As for #2, my last day at my current employer is Friday, July 15. It's hard to believe I originally learned of the layoff back in late February and the time has finally arrived to depart. I spent three days last week in Wisconsin insuring the new team is ready to go, and answering last minute questions. I'll be honest: this last month and half has seemed very surreal. It's been an interesting road to reach this point, to say the least.

We received even better news regarding #1 today: Sarah's labs looked so great at clinic that she doesn't have to be poked for THREE months. And get this, no clinic for SIX months if she stays healthy. We are sending out HUGE prayers that will be the case. We couldn't have done this without you and your prayers. We know this is no coincidence. Sarah has been enjoying a steady time of trouble-free days and we are grateful.

In the meantime, I hope to update the blog more frequently (where have you heard THAT before?) but no promises. A man has to know his limitations, after all.  :)