Sheriff Sarah

Sheriff Sarah

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sarah's 1st Birthday Celebration Details

We are all set for our little sweetie pie's first birthday celebration. Details are below. If you need any further information or need to RSVP, please respond to the blog, shoot one of us a message in Facebook or email/call us! Hope to see you there and thanks for all your prayers and blessings.

Date: September 7 (Labor Day)

Time: approx 10:30am to 5pm 

Place: Forest Park in Everett

Location: the covered picnic area right next to the big playground!

What to bring: If you plan on staying with us for awhile, some food and/or drink item would be appreciated to share. I plan on BBQing burgers and hot dogs but if you want something else, I (or my fellow BBQers) will be happy to grill it. But in essence, NOTHING is required to attend. We are just looking forward to celebrating Sarah's birthday and God's blessing upon her young lfe.

Kirk and Patty

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Another Clinic, Another Milestone

We have another good report from Sarah's clinic visit at Children's today. First of all, thank you for praying against sickness. It appears she is just battling a cold and the continued effects of teething. There was no ear infection and her liver numbers dipped only slightly. If they had dropped drastically, we would know something was up.

Our little munchkin (or should I say "porkkin"!) is now at 21 1/3 pounds, up to the 60th percentile for her age. WOO HOO! She has moved up to 25th percentile for height so there is basically progress on all fronts.

She continues to amaze us with how quickly she has learned some baby things since her transplant. She is able to climb into the little toddler chairs we have and to turn around and sit. She can then stand and fall on her knees in order to leave the chair. She is grabbing things and standing regularly, particularly along our stairs and with our stools. It's such a joy to watch her in action. Plus, she motors all over the place while in crawl mode. Sarah is also serving as our resident microbiologist, discovering and observing EVERYTHING, no matter how tiny, that may be on our rug and kitchen floor. And much of those items find their way to her mouth unless we are watching. Yikes! But babies will be babies, and it is all a gift from God.


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hopefully, it's nothing but...

I just wanted to ask for your prayers for Sarah. She has been fighting off a virus, I believe the EMV, and has been having diarrhea more in the last 24 hours. Dr. Murray would like to see her tonight to have labs taken and check her stool to see if there is any other concern.

Thanks in advance for your faithfulness. She has been really sleepy lately as she tries to fight off the bug and while we aren't overly concerned, we would like to avoid any hospital stays if at all possible.


Monday, August 17, 2009

Our Little Stair Climber

Well, a lot can be said for determination. Our little munchkin completed the arduous task of scaling BOTH flights of stairs enroute to the second floor of our home today. She only set foot on the first step this past weekend, but cheered on by her adoring fans (Arianna, Caleb and Katarina) she made it to our landing and then zoomed up to her mommy sitting at the very top of the stairs.

An amazing feat and another example of how far the little sweetheart has come in such a short time.

NK cells linked to liver disease

Interesting article regarding NK (natural killer) cells and how they may impact the onset of biliary atresia.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sarah's Birthday Celebration

Good morning, friends!

We wanted to announce the upcoming birthday gathering in celebration of Sarah's birthday next month. Labor Day, September 7, is our target date and all are welcome. If you could RSVP as soon as possible so we can determine the appropriate venue, that would be great. Our desire is to find a place where the kids can freely frolic and play, and where we can BBQ some grub.

Please contact us via any means - leave a comment here, email us, send us a message over Facebook or (if you are in the area) give us a call!

We are looking forward to a wonderful time celebrating the wonder and blessing of Sarah's young life.

Thanks for sharing in this journey.

Kirk and Patty

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Our Amazing Girl and The Wonder of a New Liver

Wow, how awesome is our God? I will tell you. Patty and Sarah went to Children's for clinic Thursday afternoon. Not only did Dr. Reyes reduce clinic to once a month but reduced the labs to every other week (this changed only for next week because Sarah could have the beginning of a little cold so stay tuned). If that weren't enough, he authorized not one, not two but THREE meds to be dropped. Can I hear a big WOO HOO from the crowd please?

This is simply amazing. Every visit Patty is surprised by how well the docs say Sarah is doing but we see it every day. She is such a happy girl and full of curiosity and adventure. It is such a blessing to watch her grow and to change daily and to think a few short months ago she was in such different circumstances.

It's difficult to digest what has transpired and incredible to observe firsthand what a fully functioning liver can do for one's life. We are blessed beyond belief. God be praised for the work He is doing in Sarah's little body and for the work He is doing in our family.

I will be posting more to the blog regarding other families we have come in contact with through Patty's hospital stays as many of their kids need prayer for their own livers and health.