Sheriff Sarah

Sheriff Sarah

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Another Clinic, Another Milestone

We have another good report from Sarah's clinic visit at Children's today. First of all, thank you for praying against sickness. It appears she is just battling a cold and the continued effects of teething. There was no ear infection and her liver numbers dipped only slightly. If they had dropped drastically, we would know something was up.

Our little munchkin (or should I say "porkkin"!) is now at 21 1/3 pounds, up to the 60th percentile for her age. WOO HOO! She has moved up to 25th percentile for height so there is basically progress on all fronts.

She continues to amaze us with how quickly she has learned some baby things since her transplant. She is able to climb into the little toddler chairs we have and to turn around and sit. She can then stand and fall on her knees in order to leave the chair. She is grabbing things and standing regularly, particularly along our stairs and with our stools. It's such a joy to watch her in action. Plus, she motors all over the place while in crawl mode. Sarah is also serving as our resident microbiologist, discovering and observing EVERYTHING, no matter how tiny, that may be on our rug and kitchen floor. And much of those items find their way to her mouth unless we are watching. Yikes! But babies will be babies, and it is all a gift from God.


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