Sheriff Sarah

Sheriff Sarah

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

ACK! Strep is in the House

Here's hoping that you all had a wonderful Thankgiving and are enjoying the Christmas season.

As for us, 2/6 of the Kraft household has strep throat. Fun times! Right now Patty and Caleb are on anti-biotics and I have a sore throat coming on. The three girls haven't shown symptoms yet but it'll be hard for them to avoid it since strep is so contagious. Still, we are praying they miss this round. I'm just hoping everyone is okay by Christmas.

Other than that, Patty and Sarah returned home last Friday afternoon. Our weekly lab visits have resumed so we will be headed down Wed night for those.

May you all be blessed this Christmas.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Acute Liver Rejection? Going once, going twice...

I just spoke with Patty and Dr. Horslen is 99% sure Sarah is having acute liver rejection. This isn't completely a surprise. She has been off her anti-rejection med for several weeks now, in order to fight off the EBV. From what Dr. Horslen has said, they are more concerned with the EBV, and what it can do/cause, so they would rather eliminate that and deal with a rejection if it comes.

The biopsy could come back tomorrow and show negative (PLEASE!) but Patty and Sarah are going to be admitted for at least tonight and then tomorrow will reveal if its going to be the full meal deal of 4 days.

Sure, it's frustrating and I would be lying if I said it wasn't. What bugs me the most is that tonight is Katarina's first Christmas concert as part of her preschool class and Patty will be missing it. This is when I need a blasted video camera! Guess I'll have to add that to my Christmas list.

Thanks for your continued prayers. Patty is feeling a little bit under the weather and is exhausted. Please lift her up and that Sarah would not be fussy during her stay at Children's.

Monday, December 6, 2010


So I'm the one who actually gets the call this afternoon from Marsha in transplant clinic that Sarah will need another biopsy (yes, I know, hard to believe, huh?) Tuesday morning. It appears the EBV has been vanquished because now her liver numbers have risen - AST 356, ALT and GGT in the 100s.

Our tired girls, Patty and Sarah, head down very early for a 730 ultrasound appt followed by an 11am biopsy. In all likelihood they will head back home in the evening to await biopsy results which won't come back until probably noon on Wednesday.

To say we are a bit "finished" with all these tests is an understatement. Sarah's been poked and prodded in the past few weeks more than she has been in a long time and the continual up and down, bad news, good news has worn us all down.

Still, we're optimistic that the biopsy will come back negative. They plan to being tacrolimus again Tuesday night and if necessary, prednisone on Wednesday, IF there is a acute rejection. Again, we're just praying for NO four day hospital stay. We'd like to make it through the holidays without one if possible.

We would be nowhere without your support and you are all so appreciated.

Friday, December 3, 2010

A Very Brief Update

Sarah's EBV level has decreased to 95 according to her last lab results. Patty will take her again Sunday so we can know by Tuesday night if they have truly reached the "negative" level. In the meantime, the docs had originally prescribed her valcyte to help ward off the EBV but since that is now so low they have taken her off that med. She is still not taking tacrolimus so basically there is nothing external to fight the viral stuff or rejection.

I have to admit I'm a bit hesitant to not have Sarah on SOMETHING but according to Dr. Reyes, this is the best avenue to take until they can verify the EBV has been eliminated. They would then place her back on tac next week.

Your prayers for Sarah's health to not be compromised further during this short stretch would be appreciated. She seems to be feeling better but continues to cough intermittently.