Sheriff Sarah

Sheriff Sarah

Monday, December 6, 2010


So I'm the one who actually gets the call this afternoon from Marsha in transplant clinic that Sarah will need another biopsy (yes, I know, hard to believe, huh?) Tuesday morning. It appears the EBV has been vanquished because now her liver numbers have risen - AST 356, ALT and GGT in the 100s.

Our tired girls, Patty and Sarah, head down very early for a 730 ultrasound appt followed by an 11am biopsy. In all likelihood they will head back home in the evening to await biopsy results which won't come back until probably noon on Wednesday.

To say we are a bit "finished" with all these tests is an understatement. Sarah's been poked and prodded in the past few weeks more than she has been in a long time and the continual up and down, bad news, good news has worn us all down.

Still, we're optimistic that the biopsy will come back negative. They plan to being tacrolimus again Tuesday night and if necessary, prednisone on Wednesday, IF there is a acute rejection. Again, we're just praying for NO four day hospital stay. We'd like to make it through the holidays without one if possible.

We would be nowhere without your support and you are all so appreciated.

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  1. Hi Kirk and Patty,
    Will be keeping you in our prayers. It is almost clice (spelling?) but remember to take one day at a time. That really helps me.
    With Love, Annie