Sheriff Sarah

Sheriff Sarah

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sheriff for a Day

These past few months have been filled with excitement for our little Sarah. We found out some time ago she was going to be this year's Snohomish County "Sheriff for a Day". The state legislature approves the "Chief for a Day" program that allows police jurisdictions to nominate children with chronie or life-threatening medical conditions to participate throughout the state.

We had the great pleasure of making a new friend with one of the deputies and his family, as well as with so many more people in the department.

First, Sarah was one of the stars of the show in the Everett 4th of July parade.

But things didn't end there. Last week was the culmination of her months of waiting. First, she was sworn in as Sheriff (and received a pile of goodies, I might add).

The pinnacle of it all was the opportunity to mingle with other families, law enforcement and even some mascots at the Showare Center and then in Burien. And did I mention she got to ride in a motorcade?

Truly another unforgettable experience for not only Sarah but our entire family. We look back at what brought us to this point - her diagnosis with biliary atresia and subsequent liver transplant - and we have seen God's hand in it all. Her second chance at life. The opportunity to do things we might never have done. The blessing of meeting other families walking similar journeys and the honor of encouraging others. 

This is a beautiful life.