Sheriff Sarah

Sheriff Sarah

Sunday, March 13, 2011

When Life Throws You Unexpected Disaster

The earthquake and subsequent tsunami that wreaked  havoc in Japan this week has me thinking a lot about life in general. It's so easy to see the devastation and simply tune it out. After all, we're treated to daily doses of bad news: murder, kidnappings, starvation, war, and disaster. We've become such a visual culture that many of us have become numb to the pain around us, whether close to home or in a far off country.

My mind had already been pondering our lives a bit more following the New Zealand earthquake. It jars us to see "modern" countries with strong, earthquake resistant buildings suffer such destruction as occurred there. This isn't Haiti or Indonesia where thousands can be killed in only a few moments.  But an 8.9 earthquake? It's difficult to fathom the power of something that large.

As many of my readers know - especially those who've followed our adventure and our dear liver families - our lives were forever changed over two years ago. In an instant. Our baby girl was diagnosed with biliary atresia; a disease we'd never heard of. But what about those whose lives are changed, far more tragically, in just a moment.

The moment that incredible 8.9 earthquake subsided, a tsunami of incredible force slammed into Japan. Even many of those who'd heard the warnings had little time to evacuate and escape the tidal wave's deadly force. All that they knew, maybe even their own lives, disappeared in just a few minutes. How do you deal with the loss of your home, your city, your loved ones? How do you prepare for such a thing?

Only God can comfort you during such destruction and pain. There is no other. And while your question of why it happened might never be answered, the one thing you have to hold onto in that moment is Jesus. Everything else of earthly value is gone. But He will never desert you.

I like to think I'm prepared to die any day. If I get in a fatal car crash or something like that, I'm ready to go home. But what about being at work when a massive earthquake strikes the Seattle region? What if I can't make it home or contact my loved ones? What if I survive and they don't? Am I ready for that? Are any of us?

You've seen me write on Facebook and on this blog how important it is to express your love, your gratefulness, your heart, to those most precious to you. Each day. Every day. Because when the day comes when you or they are no longer on this earth to talk to, will you hold close the treasured memories of those last words or the regret of things left unsaid?