Sheriff Sarah

Sheriff Sarah

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Liver Kids #3: Abby...has flown away

I learned this morning that one of our liver buddies, Abby, passed away during the night in the arms of her mother. They had urgently been trying to find a new liver for the little sweetheart but one didn't come soon enough. She would have turned 1 next month. Abby was a sweet little girl, so beautiful - and like so many (if not all) of the liver kids, had a wonderful smile and personality. She will be missed.

Please keep Abby's parents and family in your prayers. My previous post seems even more appropriate now. Reach out to those around you and encourage the elderly, the ill, families with seriously ill children and love on your own kids and spouse. We need to be treating each day as a gift and like it's our last here on earth. Don't waste the time you have.

Lord, please comfort those families who are suffering through trials such as Abby's family is now. Whether they be in the hospital, at home, or grieving, may the tears that fall find their way to you. Please embrace these precious people and guide them through these circumstances.

Monday, August 30, 2010

The Love of God in our Liver Family

We never asked to be part of this community we now affectionately refer to as "Liver Buddies" but we have clearly seen God's hand within this group of families whose children are affected with various liver diseases. It's difficult to say just how much we have been blessed by the fellowship of sharing in other's lives. There have been joyous times as we watch some of our little buddies receive their gifts of new life. There have been the heartbreaking times when we have sat in stunned silence feeling a deep pain in our hearts over the loss of a dear one to these terrible diseases.

Through all of this we have witnessed parents loving their children with abandon; watched as family members and friends do all that is humanly possible to support these families and prolong the life of a seriously ill child; and been encouraged that even in the face of devastating loss, the faith and strength that parents and extended family carry with them through such unbearable trials.

These acts and responses are not some random show of love, kindness and support. These are the faces of God, walking with each one of us as we walk a hill none of us would choose to walk. It is only through His grace that any of us can survive day to day as we watch a child suffer. We have rejoiced when kids have turned the corner, miraculously; when liver labs inexplicably go from disturbingly high to normal; when things look dismal, after months of waiting for a liver, in the darkest hour one arrives and changes a little life.

I know there are liver families out there that may not believe in God and that's all right. I'm not writing to convert anyone. I simply write about what I have witnessed. And I have witnessed God's tender touch on my shoulder. I have witnessed God's compassion in the love of friends who are almost always present during a hospital stay that lasted 52 out of 61 straight days. I have witnessed the comfort only He can provide amidst loss and questions. I have seen the miracle of children too young to know any better than to display a joyful spirit no matter what the circumstances may look like to other people. I have cried for children I never met who have flown to Heaven as if they were my own.

Just as many of us are bound together by our bond of suffering in caring for seriously ill children, so we are bound by love and compassion for each other, and bound together within the arms of Christ.

Never forget the love, dear friends. No matter what you are going through, the opportunity is there to bless someone else, to offer a word of encouragement, a meal or a visit. God help us to walk out the life He has ordained for us. Let the world know us by our love...

Friday, August 27, 2010

The Liver Kids #2: Austin

Everyone please say hi to Austin Wright, one of our biliary atresia friends. This handsome little guy has been through a lot. His dad is in the military and the family is stationed in southern California. They have had a couple scares with Austin and bleeding issues. He, like so many of our wonderful liver kids, needs a liver sooner than later. Please keep he, his sister, Makayla, and his parents in your prayers.

Is it me or are our liver kids some of the happiest kids in the world? What an amazing testimony to God's goodness and grace in our lives. Sarah's personality never wavered during her many stays. Sure, she had days she was very tired or had been poked enough for about ten people. Through it all she would flash that precious smile and love on people. Some times I think she helped the nurses and docs more than they helped her.

Thank God for these precious children.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Little Behind

As you can tell, I am little behind on my promised intro to our little liver friends but promise to get back to that shortly, as well as some brief posts regarding the different types of liver diseases that children acquire. I'm looking forward to the reading just to make myself more knowledgeable, as we have met families with kids suffering from alagille syndrome, Alpha-1 and other things.

Also, I made the difficult decision to forgo college at this time. It just isn't good timing. I still have some things to work through regarding Sarah's illness. A huge thing is getting my priorities back in order as those have been blurred for the past two years.

Thanks for hanging with me. I'm hopeful August will end with a bunch of posts...and then school begins again. Where DID the summer go?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

GOOD NEWS for Chloe

Just a quick update for those of you not on Facebook:

it appears that Chloe is doing extraordinarily well. So well, in fact, that the transplant team has told Gherri that the liver may be fine without the missing artery. As you know, the liver is the most regenerative organ in the body and we are grateful God is blessing this little one. Hopefully there will be NO NEED for another transplant ever. Pretty pumped about this and so happy for Gherri, Lenny and their family.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Liver Kids: #1 Chloe...and she needs ANOTHER liver

Chloe is the first of this month's Liver Kids I'll be focusing on. She's a 1 year old little cutie pie from the northeast. She likes to keep her mommy up late and has a great personality. Chloe had been waiting some time for a new liver. This family has been very patient as they lived through two "false starts" - getting the call but finding the liver was not a match. Then, last week they finally received the call of a lifetime. Everything seemed great with the transplant until about 24 hours ago when Chloe had a fever over 101. The docs discovered that there was an artery missing in the new liver, which apparently happens from time to time. This essentially means the liver is failing and 2nd transplant will need to occur immediately.

We love this sweet little girl and her family and are praying that a new donor becomes available immediately. Please join us in this urgent request and remember Chloe and her family in your daily prayers. Even following transplant, these liver kids need our prayers and support. 

Monday, August 2, 2010

Baby Jesse is soaring with Angels

I just learned that one of our precious BA kids, Jesse Alexander, died last night. He was a precious little boy only 11 months old. It appears he contracted a blood infection yesterday that quickly turned to anemia. The doctors did all they could do but could not save the little warrior.

You can read more here -

Please lift the family - mom, Chantal and father, James, in your prayers as often as possible. I'm having a difficult time with this. I so HATE biliary atresia I am finding the words hard to come by. I want to see this disease eradicated and wholeness brought to all the families who have lost precious children.