Sheriff Sarah

Sheriff Sarah

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Liver Kids: #1 Chloe...and she needs ANOTHER liver

Chloe is the first of this month's Liver Kids I'll be focusing on. She's a 1 year old little cutie pie from the northeast. She likes to keep her mommy up late and has a great personality. Chloe had been waiting some time for a new liver. This family has been very patient as they lived through two "false starts" - getting the call but finding the liver was not a match. Then, last week they finally received the call of a lifetime. Everything seemed great with the transplant until about 24 hours ago when Chloe had a fever over 101. The docs discovered that there was an artery missing in the new liver, which apparently happens from time to time. This essentially means the liver is failing and 2nd transplant will need to occur immediately.

We love this sweet little girl and her family and are praying that a new donor becomes available immediately. Please join us in this urgent request and remember Chloe and her family in your daily prayers. Even following transplant, these liver kids need our prayers and support. 

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