Sheriff Sarah

Sheriff Sarah

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Liver Kids #3: Abby...has flown away

I learned this morning that one of our liver buddies, Abby, passed away during the night in the arms of her mother. They had urgently been trying to find a new liver for the little sweetheart but one didn't come soon enough. She would have turned 1 next month. Abby was a sweet little girl, so beautiful - and like so many (if not all) of the liver kids, had a wonderful smile and personality. She will be missed.

Please keep Abby's parents and family in your prayers. My previous post seems even more appropriate now. Reach out to those around you and encourage the elderly, the ill, families with seriously ill children and love on your own kids and spouse. We need to be treating each day as a gift and like it's our last here on earth. Don't waste the time you have.

Lord, please comfort those families who are suffering through trials such as Abby's family is now. Whether they be in the hospital, at home, or grieving, may the tears that fall find their way to you. Please embrace these precious people and guide them through these circumstances.

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  1. One of the toughest things about reading this blog is knowing the dire consequences that these little ones face...and then having the worst realized.

    All of these children are in our prayers and their families as well. I am saddened by yet another precious child losing the battle with their liver issues, but I am more than at peace knowing and trusting that these little lives weren't lived in vain. They leave a legacy and God ministers to many of us through the trials that they endured, almost as if to encourage those of us in good or great health, to press in and do what God has called us to do while we have the strength and vigor to do so. And one of those things: reach out to those less fortunate and ease their burdens.
    Thanks for the reminder Kirk.