Sheriff Sarah

Sheriff Sarah

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Our God Reigns

It has been an amazing few minutes. We finally decided to call Children's since we hadn't received a call about the biopsy results at 3pm. The doctor called back and said that, amazingly, Sarah's major labs had dropped closer to normal levels. Then he called back just a few minutes later to tell us that even though the biopsy was not complete yet that there appeared to be no signs of rejection! Is God truly AWESOME or what? So, not only do we not have to worry about immediate issues with Sarah but Patty and her don't have to stay overnight at all. Praise God!

We will have to call the transplant team first thing Monday and probably get labs done again but this is such a HUGE blessing.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Wait and See

Patty just called and the biopsy went well. We won't know any details until tomorrow afternoon but the good news is that if her labs look good in four hours and there is no internal bleeding - which can sometimes occur - both of them can come home. Then, once we hear about the biopsy we would head back to be admitted if need be. Of course, we are praying that won't be necessary but we are also trying to be realistic. Sometimes it pays off to live so close to Children's!

Biopsy Today

Sarah will have her biopsy around 11:30. Check-in for pre-op is at 10:30 PST so if you could be praying during that time, it would be appreciated. Generally, this requires an overnight stay and once they have the biopsy results back we will know better if there is any damage to the liver and if a longer stay will be required.


Thursday, December 3, 2009

More than a Little Noise

Hi all,

I know it has been some time since I have updated the blog. I had meant to do it in the past week but since there continued to be no news of any substance, I decided to pass.

First, for those of you unaware, we are lifting up little Jordan Gilbert who lives in Ontario, Canada. His new liver is not working and he will need another transplant ASAP. The doctors told the family they could keep him going for two weeks but 11 days have now passed. The average wait for a new liver is generally 2-5 days but that is long past. Please keep this family in your prayers as they deal with this heartwrenching situation. Little Jordan is listed in both the US and Canada but so far no match. He appears to be a little fighter and is hanging in there. If interested in updates, you can access it through the CaringBridge website.

As for little Miss Sarah: things have been going along swimmingly as she puts on weight, rumbles around the house in full walking mode and continues to show off her sparkling personality. However, after her labs this morning prior to her monthly clinic, Patty called me. Her liver numbers have risen (ALT 324, AST 333, GGT 141) sufficiently for the transplant team to be concerned she may now be experiencing acute rejection. This could be attributed at least a little to the fact her tac (the anti-rejection med) is at so low of a dosage. If there are other reasons, those will be forthcoming.

Suffice it to say neither Patty or I were exactly thrilled to hear this news. As it stands right now, Sarah will have an ultrasound at 2pm PST today, followed by her normally scheduled clinic visit. Tomorrow at 1pm she will have a biopsy to get further info. It is very likely she will have to be admitted to Children's for 3-4 days so the team can treat this condition. As more information becomes available, I will email, blog and post to Facebook. The good news is Patty and Sarah will be home tonight before heading back tomorrow.

Please lift Sarah up in prayer, that this will pass quickly and that her liver will continue to function normally. Also, that she will be okay in the hospital for a few days as she is quite the mover and shaker now. Undoubtedly we will have to take her for long walks during her stay. Please pray peace over Patty, me and the other kiddos, but particularly for Patty, that she is at peace.

Thanks for your continued support. It stinks but we knew our lives would be more exciting the day Sarah was diagnosed with biliary atresia. The wild ride continues...