Sheriff Sarah

Sheriff Sarah

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Some Good News

Patty was able to meet with Clint's surgeon today and things are not nearly as dire as we thought. Clint did have a second blockage but it occurred after the 1st surgery. He is healing slowly and there are pockets of pus that need to be drained. He will definitely need some serious physical therapy following his release. They were taking another CT scan today and determining their plan of action but surgery didn't come up in my talk with Patty.

As for Sarah, while it is looking like we won't get the GI scope on Friday, they are working hard to get a home nurse for us so our family can settle into a routine without being overly distracted by the daily TPN change. Stay tuned.

As always, thanks for your prayers. Please continue to pray for Clint's full recovery and that a liver comes soon for Sarah.

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