Sheriff Sarah

Sheriff Sarah

Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Morning Progress Report - Out of ICU!

At rounds this morning, just prior to my departure, the team agreed that Sarah could be moved out of ICU and back to the Giraffe 4 wing. Praise God!!!! Our little dreamboat is coming along splendidly at this point and the doctors are very encouraged. The average stay in ICU following transplant is about five days so she beats it by one!

We are still asking God to fully meld the new liver with Sarah's body as if it were her own and to prevent any possible rejection. She is getting more immunosuppressive drugs added to her regimen today but she can breastfeed and they are also supplementing that by putting some breastmilk through the NG tube. 

On the selfish side, this allows us to have our own BATHROOM and will allow friends to watch Sarah while Patty and I both get out for a bit. Our time together has been extremely limited - as would be expected - since we have been focusing on Sarah and the other children.

Thanks for your continued prayers - each day shows us more of God's sovereignty and goodness and leads us one more step on the path to recovery.

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