Sheriff Sarah

Sheriff Sarah

Friday, April 3, 2009

The New Line is In

Sarah has just returned to the room and is sleeping soundly. She looks really good and her vitals are great. Kaitlyn, the night nurse, says we will let her sleep a few before giving her the nightly meds and getting her hooked up to the TPN.

Now we just wait and pray for weight gain, that she has a good night and that I can get some breastmilk in her tonight via the bottle.

I get to meet with Dr. Reyes, the head of the transplant team, tomorrow morning at 11am and am looking forward to that. Patty has gotten to know ALL of the doctors here but I have only met a few.

Praying Patty has a wonderful night at home with the kiddos and that they all sleep well.

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  1. So glad Patty can go home for a night!! Nothing like one's own shower, bed, kitchen, favorite chair, etc. She sorely needs this opportunity and the older kids must be absolutely rejoicing to have mommy home. Bless you all. I pray you'll be graced with an extra measure of strength, wisdom, and peace from our Lord. May His healing hand be upon Sarah and Clint.

    Kirk, keep up the good work on the blogsite and I am glad you are getting the chance to meet more of the team at the hospital.