Sheriff Sarah

Sheriff Sarah

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday Update

After relocating to a new room (and out of ICU!), Patty and Sarah have gotten comfortable. Not much sleep last night for either of them as one (or more) of Sarah's new meds actually are stimulants. Wow - and we thought it was tough to already get any sleep in the hospital!

Patty meets with the pharmacist at Children's today to become familiar with ALL the meds Sarah will be taking from now on. We have "training" on dispensing these the next couple of days.

They still have the NG tube in and will keep it in to get some extra breastmilk down in addition to that she will be acquiring directly from Patty. At this point we need to be praying she gets enough calories and nourishment from those two sources so that we DO NOT have to take the TPN home again with us at discharge.

Right now, the docs say we are on schedule to take Sarah home sometime next week but nothing firm at this stage.

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