Sheriff Sarah

Sheriff Sarah

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Another Overnighter for Dad

It was my turn to stay with Sarah last night. Kim stayed Thursday night as part of our new strategy to allow Patty some time at home. This weekend she will get THREE nights in her own bed and more time with the kids. Plus, since Sarah is not feeding very well and is relatively happy most of the time, it is not imperative Patty hang out just to be with her.

Last night was uneventful and Sarah even slept for four hours at one stretch. I know her teeth are really bugging her and she is getting over that cold. I suspect she is also growing but haven't checked her length recently.

One concern is still her weight. Based on the fact she has decreased breastfeeding as well as her refusal to drink a full bottle, TPN is the only thing filling her up at this point. Last night she weighed 14.24 lbs which was down from 14.57 lbs earlier in the day. Our nurse said the doctors rounding at that time (3am) wanted to weigh her again this morning to see if there was any improvement.

Other than that Patty is scheduled for her TPN refresher training on Monday, not Sunday as originally expected. Thanks to that reschedule and our dear friend, Cari, being willing to stay with Sarah tonight, our family will be able to attend Easter church services together and maybe even have a celebratory meal as well.

Happy Easter - Christ has risen. All Glory and Honor be to God!

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