Sheriff Sarah

Sheriff Sarah

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Rollercoaster Ride Continues

Patty said Sarah is losing weight and some of the docs are concerned enough to consider reinserting the broviac tube before they leave. Ach!  She will know more tomorrow but Sarah is not nursing well - and Patty's stress is causing a loss of breastmilk - and is spitting up the rice cereal Patty has been trying to feed her. If she doesn't start taking a bottle there looks to be no alternative but go back on the TPN. We were rejoicing so much earlier in the week about not having to come home with that so it is a real downer. Gagging on the food is a concern because we don't want the varices stirred up again.

Please pray for a miracle that Sarah begins taking a bottle --- NOW!---so that we can add some formula to help fatten her up a little. The GI scope is still on for the 13th. If they stay until Sunday, I will trade places one night with Patty so she can come home and stay overnight with our other kiddos. We are at the 10 day point of this stay. Ugh. Also be praying for Patty that she may have peace that passes understanding regarding her milk supply, Sarah and her dad.

Clint's surgery went well but we need continued prayer for healing and rest. He looked simply exhausted today and he has been there three weeks. That would wear anyone out and he had stomach surgery! 

God bless you, faithful friends!


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