Sheriff Sarah

Sheriff Sarah

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Goodbye Breathing Tube, Hello Gastric Tube

Dr. Healey reviewed this morning's ultrasound and they have removed the breathing tube. Sarah is resting comfortably and breathing just fine. There is a little swelling in her tummy but I think that is pretty normal. The PICU is so different from a standard room since the nurses never leave. They are continually hovering around and monitoring Sarah. The doctors come and go pretty frequently as well. She is well-cared for here, there is no doubt about that.

She does have a gastric tube down her nose to her stomach but that is pretty standard. At least it isn't bothering her too much with all the meds and she now has her binky to add some extra comfort. :o)

We are just day-to-day at this point but all things considered, she is doing exceptional and right where the docs want to see her. I am flying solo tonight as Patty has ventured home to grab Arianna from school and spend the night with our other kiddos.

It is very peaceful here right now and we have great nurses - Danielle and Lindsay until 7pm, and then Emily (whom I met briefly this morning) for overnight.

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  1. I remeber all to well the wonderful nurses and PICU staff. The constant attention. Definately helps make leaving for a little while easier. You are all doing so well, your whole family. You are amazing people, and Sarah is a miracle.