Sheriff Sarah

Sheriff Sarah

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Would you believe?

We are back AGAIN! Due to two 101+ temps in a little over 12 hour period from Friday night to Saturday afternoon, we had to bring Sarah back to Children's. Wow - we almost had a weekend as a family.

We came down here around 7pm and I finally got situated in our spacious new accomodations after 1am. Hopefully, this stay will be really BRIEF. Patty went home about 11 so the kids could wake up with her in the morning and head to church together.

We could really do with an end to this madness. I have been pleading with God for just a couple of weeks completely together as a family. Our light at the end of the tunnel is that new liver or donated portion of an adult liver. We are asking God to provide one soon and that our craziness will at least shift to the kind that will have us all at home.


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  1. Kirk & Patty,
    This is Bella's mom (Caleb's friend from church). I am pretty sure I am "A" positive and I would definately consider giving 1/3 of my liver. I don't have your regular e-mail address or phone numbers. You can e-mail me at so we can communicate more about this. I am truly serious and would be more than HAPPY to give. My prayers are with you and the family. Please send me a note so we can go over any possible details.
    Jenna Lisenby