Sheriff Sarah

Sheriff Sarah

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Those Pesky Bacteria

Spoke with Patty at 9pm and Sarah had a 101.8 temp and the docs still don't know what's up. Patty sounded hopeful that tomorrow would bring further details on the source of the infection. Hopefully we will also find out if Sarah has moved up on the transplant list.

Many of you are probably experts by now on all this liver stuff but for those who aren't, here is the scoop: while the numbers from Sarah's liver are "good" in terms of bile flow, it presents other issues. With freely flowing bile ANY bacteria roaming in the intestinal tract can cause a potential infection since the liver is directly attached to it. This is one of the "side effects" so to speak of the Kasai surgery. Infections are the primary concern the first year following Kasai so none of this is surprising, just frustrating. 

Until they nail down what the infection is, the girls are now in isolation at Children's. There is also no timetable on their return home although we hope to get Patty up to see the kids at some point, and hopefully stay overnight. Sarah just has to cooperate by willingly taking a bottle...and actually drinking the breastmilk!

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