Sheriff Sarah

Sheriff Sarah

Monday, March 30, 2009

An Up and Down Day

UP: Learning that Sarah can come home without the TPN routine for at least two weeks.

DOWN: Learning she has a 102.3 temp.

UP: Dr. Reyes says the transplant team should try to get her PELD score raised so she could be more "competitive" in acquiring a liver. This would put her at 13, more in the mid-range for scores.

DOWN: Sarah's IV was compromised. She not only had to have more blood drawn to see if there is a new infection or determine what is causing her fever, but also had to have a new IV hooked up.

DOWN: Sarah and Patty's return home could be delayed due to the latest fever. 

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  1. What a day of rollercoasters. YOu will all be o.k. The motion sickness of these kinda days, must be getting to a sustainable level. You are amazing parents.