Sheriff Sarah

Sheriff Sarah

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Weekend Update

I just returned from visiting Patty and Sarah at Children's. I took Arianna, Caleb and Katarina since they haven't seen mommy since Tuesday morning. We were able to each lunch together and it allowed Patty to catch me up on some things related to the transplant.

Dr. Murray happened to stop by while we were there and will be working to reduce Sarah's distended tummy as she has bloated a bit again from retaining all the fluids - including the loose blood. 

The pic was inserted on the first try Friday - praise God - and Sarah seems to be doing pretty good. Her personality seems to be normal and Patty has been able to attempt breastfeeding again. At this point, we are still looking at another GI scope Monday or Tuesday to see how her esophagus is looking.

We are meeting with the transplant team coordinator Monday and Wednesday afternoon to go over the material (I am now reading it) and procedures. Patty already had the good fortune to meet the head transplant doctor, Dr. Reyes, and was impressed with him much as we have been impressed with the rest of the staff. He made it clear his primary concern is Sarah and what is best for her.

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  1. Praise the Lord that the PIC line went in so well!