Sheriff Sarah

Sheriff Sarah

Monday, March 16, 2009

Not the Day We Expected...More Waiting

The transplant team met today and scored Sarah a 9 on the PELD. That is on the low end (high being 30) in terms of necessity for a transplant; however, they did tell Patty that Sarah is the smallest child with type 'A' blood and that should bode well for acquiring a liver fairly quickly. Unfortunately, my new insurance has to lend their approval to the process which may take until Thursday. DSHS won't approve on their end (even though they are currently Sarah's primary insurance) until mine does. So...we wait. Once we have insurance approval, Patty will take Sarah in for blood tests and at that time she could be upgraded to a more urgent case. 

The home care nurse was on hand this afternoon to go over the entire daily changeover with Patty. Pretty grueling but Patty is awesome with this kind of stuff. She is really focused, no matter the level of her sleep deprivation. The good thing is we only have to change the dressing on her chest once a week and the home care nurse will be on hand for that. Please continue your prayers for our daily regimen, including the meds Patty needs to be giving Sarah. 

Next Tuesday, she basically has all day medical appointments. Here's praying Sarah gets on the list (FINALLY) by this Thursday and that a liver becomes available very soon.

Another topic to broach will be ongoing medical expenses, not only during and immediately after transplant but for the future. We are strongly considering creating a fund or account where people can contribute financially towards medical payments and other expenses. We will cover this topic further in a future post.

Thanks for your continued prayers and for stepping up in so many ways to care for, serve and love on our family!

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