Sheriff Sarah

Sheriff Sarah

Thursday, March 5, 2009

On Tap for the Weekend

They were unable to schedule the insertion of the pic today so it will take place some time Friday. Sarah will be under anesthesia so pray she does okay with that and stabilizes soon after the procedure. 

Sarah was officially listed on the transplant list today and we coordinating all the specifics for insurance between DSHS and my new insurance to assure no lapse in coverage when the time comes for transplant.

She is slowly being weaned off the octreotide which prevents blood from entering her liver and intestines. This will allow her body to not become dependent on the medication.

As of this writing, Sarah will NOT be listed as critical so she goes in line behind everyone else on the list. As we find out more information about this "list" and all the processes that go with seeking a transplant, we will pass them along.

I hope to post some photos of Sarah over the weekend for those that haven't visited.

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