Sheriff Sarah

Sheriff Sarah

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

In Meeting Mode and a Longer Stay

Briefly, we met with the transplant nurse coordinator, Marsha, yesterday afternoon to review the material in the educational binder we received. We followed this up with an extended talk from Dr. Horslin regarding what lies ahead and potential hurdles following transplant. At this point I think we are fairly encouraged, predominantly because the entire process seems so transparent. There will be no surprises as the transplant team continues to fully disclose all the possibilities of roads to be traveled. We are grateful to have Sarah in their care. We know the Great Physician is guiding their steps because of all your prayers!

Right now, it appears Patty and Sarah won't return home until this weekend. Patty was notified today that they want to try establishing a central line for IV before they depart. This is specifically so Patty can administer home meds necessary to increase nutrition in Sarah's body and beef her up a little.

More tomorrow following the second installment of our meetings with the transplant team.

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  1. Our prayers are with you Kirk and Patty. The central line is nice because it does make it real easy to give medicines. Just don't let little Sarah play tug of war with it!
    John Emery