Sheriff Sarah

Sheriff Sarah

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Receiving Expected but Unwelcome News

Sarah had her GI scope this afternoon at about 3:45. It was confirmed that she does have varices. I saw the pictures they took of her esophagus and it is not a pretty picture. As I described in part to others at various times, varices is where the blood backs up to the spleen and up the esophagus due to the inability of the liver to properly allow blood to flow through to the heart. 

The doctors - and this included Dr. Murray and Dr. Healey - in the surgery injected the swollen veins in an effort to get them to constrict to a regular size. Unfortunately, this is only temporary. They will have to another GI on Friday or next Monday and likely do the same thing again. The blood is backing up into the stomach where it irritates Sarah and naturally she hocks it up. 

We say all of that to say Sarah will be added immediately to the transplant list. The only solution is a new, healthy liver. I admit I am still shell-shocked by that realization.

Keep those prayers coming as they are what sustain us. 


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