Sheriff Sarah

Sheriff Sarah

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sarah's First Helicopter Ride

Our dear one is having another adventure - unfortunately - again. My dad called shortly after 11am to report that paramedics were at our house. Sarah has vomited blood for no apparent reason. The paramedics determined it was urgent enough to helo her to Children's Hospital instead of take their chances on the freeway. I just heard from Patty not long ago.

Sarah lost a lot of blood when she vomited. She will probably need to get some blood at Children’s. Her blood pressure also dropped on the ride down. Patty told me the doctors have to get her stabilized, give her the blood and then they will do a GI scan to determine the issue. It could be an ulcer or (I forget the word) an instance where the blood backs up to the spleen due to the liver being scarred. Blood can’t flow freely through the liver to the heart when damage has been done. This was mentioned during our last visit as a possibility.

Please pray hard for Sarah and for Patty as it looks as if we could be looking at another extended stay. We ask Jesus to fully heal our little sweetheart and to look over the rest of our family.

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