Sheriff Sarah

Sheriff Sarah

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Another Day

A couple of things as we continue to move through the haze of realizing our baby will need a liver transplant. First, the central line they attempted to hook up to her groin area the other day did not work. Apparently, she had some interesting vein structure in there that may be due to compensating for her liver issues. Today, they are going to try another pic in her arm/chest to get a better IV feed. Naturally, as they were trying to take blood this morning, a vein blew. This has been a common scenario with Sarah. We need prayer this will stop happening and when they go to try the pic, that it works and is set in perfectly the FIRST TIME!

Next, Patty told me yesterday she expects to be at Children's for a week. We are in the ICU on the 4th floor and visitors are indeed welcome for those of you who can swing it. She has to have her cell turned off in that part of the hospital so to contact her in advance call the Children's switchboard at 206-987-2000 and ask for Sarah Kraft's room. You can also just stop by and surprise her!

Finally, with all this poking and prodding, and artificial instruments and lines that are being attached to or within Sarah, we need to be in vigilant prayer against infection of any kind. I am trying to be as specific as possible for prayer requests even though I know Jesus knows exactly what she needs.

Please be praying for our other kids - Arianna, Caleb and Katarina - as they spend some "quality" time with my folks. May the Lord cascade His love for them over each one when their mother is away and their daddy has to work.

God bless you all,



  1. Hi Kirk and Patty,
    Susan and I understand all the fears and concerns you are going through as we have walked the same path. We are praying for strength for you guys, protection over Sarah and that you will come out of this trial soon with God's blessing and faithfulness surrounding you.
    John and Susan Emery

  2. Our prayers are with you, and anything you need can be done. We are just a phone call away.