Sheriff Sarah

Sheriff Sarah

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Early Morning update

I just spoke with Patty and they suspect the infection is in Sarah's broviac line. They are considering removing it and will decide whether or not to reinsert once they have the infection under control. If that's not the cause, we should know more later today when some more of the cultures come back. They took a couple of x-rays last night and checked on Sarah pretty frequently to make sure everything was alright so not much sleep for either of our girls.

The broviac was inserted to get nutrients into Sarah's bloodstream faster and to help bulk her up a bit in prep for the transplant. If they decide she is putting on enough weight with just breastfeeding then we may not need the line. Please pray for the infection to be clearly identified today and that the doctors proceed wisely. Since this line goes straight to her heart, we want to insure no infection gets close to it.

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  1. Hello Kirk, my name is Barbara I had the pleasure of working with your sister Veronica at Sun. I am so sorry your family is going thru this.

    Veronica has kept me informed about your daughter, just so you know since then I've always mentioned your entire family in my prayers.

    God bless you all and may he shine his courage, his strength, and faith on you all.