Sheriff Sarah

Sheriff Sarah

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Skyrocketing EBV count = CT scan for Lymphoma

Just spoke with Patty and Sarah's EBV has skyrocketed to 26,000. Marsha told Patty to reduce tac level to .5mg and to plan on a long day at Children's tomorrow. Sarah is scheduled for CT scan at 1045am, so no food or drink after 7am. I always feel so badly for her when she has to go so long without food and liquid. The procedure won't end until 3pm and she may have to be intubated at some point.

Her breathing really hasn't improved and she has been coughing a lot lately so I can't say that I'm shocked by the EBV number. Still, it's sobering to have your kid going in to check them for cancer.

Please pray for the Sarah and Patty tonight and all day tomorrow. These are tough times on Patty when she is at Children's for these types of tests. If anyone local thinks they can go hang out with her, that would be fabulous.

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