Sheriff Sarah

Sheriff Sarah

Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Follow-up on Sarah

Ok, so far the liver biopsy still has not come back. They normally take 24 hours so it's a bit past that but based on Dr. Horslen's comments, I wouldn't anticipate the news being bad.

Patty said that Sarah's EBV is down to 1600 (as opposed to the 26,000 last week) and that they are not concerned about rejection, likely because the immune system is so busy warding off the EBV. Her liver labs have also improved so that is encouraging. Finally, Dr. Horslen commented that Sarah is probably just battling a viral infection which would explain the inflated EBV numbers.

Both Sarah and Patty are pretty worn down as they were awakened quite a bit during the night. Sarah has already nodded off three times today which is very unusual for her. Patty told me the little girl hasn't even wanted to walk around the floor which is odd. To me, that means she finally got the chance to rest (instead of chase or be chased by her siblings) and her body is trying hard to recover.

If anything changes, I will let you know. For now, we still expect them to return home tomorrow (best case).

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