Sheriff Sarah

Sheriff Sarah

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Elevated EBV

We received not so good news yesterday. Marsha from Children's called and there had been some snafu in acquiring EBV labs from our pediatrician when Sarah visited about a week and a half ago. Her EBV level is elevated to 4900 which is by far her highest level ever. We had to have labs done this week anyway so Patty took Sarah last night.

Sarah has been sick for awhile and Patty gets really concerned, as we all do, when that is the case. Sarah's tacrolimus was reduced .5mg to 1mg twice a day to allow her immune system to fight off her cold. The good news is that her liver labs still look good. We won't know if the EBV has increased or decreased until at least Thursday. It's a good thing we've been keeping Sarah home from church and the public in general.

Marsha also told Patty the concern is that even without her tonsils and adenoids, which they took out a few months post-transplant, Sarah is still vulnerable to lymphoma. That is one of the reasons they watch the non-liver numbers so closely.

We know so many families out there awaiting the gift of a new liver (Nikki and Darby, to just name two) or who are battling a variety of issues (Olivia). Our prayer is that we all would seek refuge in the presence of the Lord and continue to step out each to live our lives to the fullest. Let's not hold back any love, any care, any thing we could do to brighten someone else's day.

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