Sheriff Sarah

Sheriff Sarah

Friday, February 19, 2010

Mild Rejection Confirmed

I'm now on duty at Children's to let Patty go home with the kids for the next 24 hrs. We shared some Garlic Jim's pizza there and they headed home. Praying for a great night and wonderful day for them tomorrow.

While we haven't met with the transplant team regarding the liver biopsy it was confirmed about an hour ago that Sarah experienced a mild acute rejection due to lowering her tacrolimus (anti-rejection) medication. She has already had some of the steroids and that will continue - for now, we don't know the duration - along with some other meds to counterbalance that. So, we have a few more meds we have to give daily once we are home but in the long run, it should all work out fine.

The docs have also increased her tacrolimus to the original dosage so we shouldn't see further problems, at least for the time being. One positive side effect from the steroids is that Sarah's cradle cap and itchy scalp seems to be improving. Praying that will continue.

We should know by the end of the day Saturday, based on labs, if we will be coming home Sunday or not. Keep praying Sunday is the day.

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