Sheriff Sarah

Sheriff Sarah

Saturday, February 20, 2010

It's All in the Numbers: Lab Results

So my baby girl had a wonderfully blissful night of sleep before awaking shortly before 6am. She ate a waffle breakfast and then proceeded to receive her morning meds. The blood work followed and I have received those results back. I have included some links so you can see what each important lab means in terms of her liver. The three "majors" are AST, ALT and GGT.

On the bright side, all of her labs seem to be retuning to normal thanks to the steroids, which she received at 8:45 this morning. She is still at a high dosage level so they send it through an IV for one hour. Once we go home, we will be substituting a smaller dosage via straight liquid as we do for all the other meds with the exception of the tacrolimus which comes in capsule form.

As I mentioned, here are the links for the major liver labs: AST , ALT and GGT.

So far, we are on target to leave tomorrow. There was some concern on my part about the color of her stool but the on duty doctor said he has seen that in some other patients on that type of steroid.

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