Sheriff Sarah

Sheriff Sarah

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Home Again

Sarah and Patty returned home early Sunday afternoon to much rejoicing as you may expect. The list of meds for Sarah has increased at least for the short term. Since she is on the steroid to restore things to normal, they also have her on rinatidine to help her tummy deal with that. Her tacrolimus has been increased to 1mg at night and her standard .5mg in the morning. They also prescribed a zinc supplement to help with her scalp issues. Thankfully, it seems that problem has already improved and we are grateful for that.

On Tuesday, Sarah and Patty must return to Children's for clinic and labs. I imagine we will maintain the weekly lab routine for now as well. You just never know what to expect but that is one of the things you can depend on with life: the unexpected.

We couldn't maintain a grain of sanity if it weren't for the continued prayers and encouragement we receive from our dear family and friends, and without the grace of God. Thank you for continuing to follow us on this rollercoaster journey.

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  1. I was just catching up on Sarah's journey (since just returning from my journey to Nicaragua--sorry I'm not as effiecient at updating my info!!). My heart, and of course my prayers, go out to you!! Praise God that Children's is quick to act when something is amiss!!. Glad to hear she is home again. God bless you all.