Sheriff Sarah

Sheriff Sarah

Saturday, February 20, 2010

It's All in the Numbers (part 2) and our love for Children's

To better aid in seeing what "good" vs "bad" numbers look like, here are Sarah's lab results since Wednesday, night when Patty brought her in for her weekly blood work:

AST - 662 (2/17), 123 (yesterday), 65 (today)

ALT - 926, 543, 353

GGT - 373, 290, 233

The numbers from Wed. night were the highest we have seen since PRE-transplant so it was apparent something was amiss. Fortunately, the transplant staff was all over it and they started the steroids before biopsy confirmation of rejection so we wouldn't have to spend extra time here. Dr. Reyes (see Feb 4 post) had a forlorn look when he visited Patty and Sarah on Thursday. He felt bad because he had lowered the tacrolimus intake which was likely responsible for our return to Children's. It's this kind of concern and care - and the fact the Giraffe floor nurses just love Sarah! - that make us so happy and blessed to live so close to Seattle Children's Hospital. We know there are those in the adjoining neighborhood who opposed their expansion, but for us we could never fathom our lives without these people, some of whom have become dear friends.

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