Sheriff Sarah

Sheriff Sarah

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Things That Matter

I've been seeing the photos and news stories this week about the many fires burning in the western United States. I'm particularly stunned by the huge fire the Colorado Springs area. We have friends in the area and were able to visit there a few years ago. It's a gorgeous part of the country and to see the destruction wrought by these fires is heartbreaking. Thousands have been evacuated and many will lose their homes.

This is a sobering reminder about what is really important in our lives. Some of us grumble day to day about not being satisfied with this, or about someone who is always doing that. We can become frustrated at the most trifling things. And we begin to take life for granted. I doubt any person leaving behind their home is taking anything for granted right now. They might return to a pile of charred ruins. Their memories will forever hold reminders of their loss.

So, let us pray for the firefighters bravely waging battle against the flames and for those who have to evacuate, that no life is lost. Because in the end what really matters is what we carry in our hearts and the people around us.

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