Sheriff Sarah

Sheriff Sarah

Monday, June 18, 2012

Saying Goodbye

It was a sobering weekend in BA land as we lost another precious angel, Riley. This little girl was a fighter. Those of us who live in the world of liver disease know what determination our kids carry as they battle various diseases. I like to tell Patty that these babies are so more resilient than adults. But these kids, they battle and claw and fight. Riley was at the top of that class.

She battled through not one but two liver transplants and may have received another if her little body hadn’t finally absorbed so much damage she was unable to go on. Riley was a little soldier, unwilling to just give up. She owes a lot of that attitude to her parents, who fought alongside her; who sang songs, prayed and refused to give up.

Each time we lose one of our precious angels it’s so painful. It’s more than a punch in the gut. It’s like a piece of us has been torn away and the wound will never heal. It couldn’t possibly do so.
But then you think of the little angels. I believe in God and in heaven where all things will be made whole again through Jesus Christ. The precious ones we lose are now free of pain, free of medication, free of IV’s and PIC lines, and all the other foreign things that invade their bodies on a daily basis when battling for their lives.

The wounds may be slow to heal but they will heal. Because we carry the special memories of these little ones with us for the rest of our lives. No matter how brief their stay with us, we have all been blessed to know them. Our lives would have been so different without them. We wouldn’t trade knowing Riley and our other angels for anything in the world. They are our priceless treasures, and like our other children, the very gifts of God.

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