Sheriff Sarah

Sheriff Sarah

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Financial Incentives for Organ Donors?

There was an interesting discussion the other day in one of the online groups I follow. Due to the dire situation in our country of not finding enough organ donors, the issue was raised about whether we should begin offering compensation to encourage organ donation. I see this question as being primarily posed to potential living donors. Personally, this becomes a very gray area to me. And it opens a huge can of worms.

If we remove the altruistic reason for donation, do we really want to walk the road to where money talks? That's the case in so much of our society already, including donating blood. How much will this harm the entire case for organ donation? I can see it now: "Need some extra money? Consider donating a kidney for $XXX today!"

What are your thoughts about offering people money so they will donate a kidney or part of their liver? Do you see anything wrong with it?

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