Sheriff Sarah

Sheriff Sarah

Monday, February 7, 2011

So Much for Three Months...and some Thoughts

That's three months between clinic or any other visit to Children's (besides labs). Not going to happen. Patty took Sarah for her monthly labs last night and, yes, you guessed it, her numbers have risen. Probably enough to warrant a liver biopsy though we still need to confirm that with Dr. Horslen.

This has become old hat for us and we try to keep things in perspective. While this entire exercise complicates our lives for a few days, like getting kids to and from school; figuring out where they need to stay if a hospital stay is needed - this is a reality we live with and we are grateful.

Grateful, you say? Yes. Our dear liver friend, Austin Wright, has been in-house at a Navy hospital and then UCLA for six weeks. We rejoice with his family that he received his new liver (via a loving uncle) but then there was some bile leaks. Through it all, he's been a trooper.

Or our dear little friend, Chloe Chaput, who may or may not be looking at the possibility of a 2nd liver transplant. Remember these two families in your prayers. They could both use a long break from hospital visits themselves.

When I say I'm grateful, I mean it. Things could be so much worse. We still have Sarah - full of life and mischief, laughing, running, talking. Isn't that what it's all about?

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