Sheriff Sarah

Sheriff Sarah

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Do We Just "Survive"?

I'm hoping to get back into a regular blogging routine soon. In the meantime, some miscellaneous thoughts crossed my mind in the past few days and I'd like to share them. I've been watching some friends walking through difficult times. Some of our online liver friends have received the gift of a new liver. Most are thriving and it's a blessing to see the little ones restored to health. Others have struggled but are moving in the right direction.

I also follow two families whose little ones are faced with unbelievable challenges. These little ones, Annabelle and Bowen, have serious heart issues. Little Annabelle is a beautiful girl, about seven months old, who hasn't known life outside the hospital. She is on the transplant list for a new heart. Her parents have three other girls. Many of you who've experienced health issues in your family can easily relate to the daily, maybe minute to minute, stress this family is under.

Bowen is a sweet little man who has a rare heart condition called HLHS. He's the son of Matt Hammitt, lead singer of Sanctus Real, one of my favorite bands. The family is gearing up for the 2nd heart surgery in Bowen's young life this coming Monday. If you're not following Matt's blog, you should be. It's incredibly candid and transparent - Both these families need our prayers and support.

In light of these desperate situations (and those many of you have experienced), do we consider it a success to just "survive" in our daily lives? Or do we fight through the pain, the frustration, the desperation of our circumstances, reaching for the promise, the encouragement we can find on the other side, by reaching out to others? I'm not trying to ignore honest feelings and pain. Please don't get me wrong. I've walked this road, I'm still walking it, and it's no fun. But in the midst of it, do we miss some of the blessings that could come our way by being too consumed by hopelessness or concern for our kiddos?

Pain is a real part of every life, not just those watching their children battle life-threatening diseases. So many of you are my heroes. You are such role models. Not only do you love your children, facing uncertainty with grace and determination, but you extend an open hand to others, to join them in their own pain journey.

I salute you. Let's continue to lift each other up; to carry those with heavy burdens and loss; to join arms and stand together so that no one feels alone. Together we can accomplish much. To carry a burden alone is too hard.

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  1. I loved the final paragraph. What a cheer for all of us who are suffering in various ways.

    When I was facing my second bout with cancer and dealing with that, the Lord gave me this thought, "He didn't promise me a long life, He didn't promise me a healthy life, He promised eternal life and that is good enough for me."

    Praying when I stop by.