Sheriff Sarah

Sheriff Sarah

Monday, July 26, 2010

"Yes, I'm Still here", or "Some Thoughts Regarding the Blog"

I was reminded today that it has been almost a full month since I updated the blog. For us, the saying "no news is good news" applies. Sarah was able to fight off her EBV and all numbers have returned to normal. She has another clinic visit this Thursday but there's no reason (knock on wood) to believe anything distressing will come back from labs.

As I've been swallowed up by preparing for a writer's workshop in August and finally reaching a decision about returning to college and which degree to pursue, I have also been considering where to go with this blog. Patty and I have been closely monitoring many liver families via Facebook for a few months now. It started out with just our local friends we met at Seattle Children's, a few through the Liver Families website and via our liver family "networkers" Cari and Beth.

I'd like to take some time for a month to introduce some of these wonderful children and their families to you. We have been blessed to be part of their lives, even in some small way. Just knowing what other families are going through has energized to pray more and to encourage others that much more. It has also inspired us to continue to get the word out regarding liver diseases. While biliary atresia is the one that strikes a chord closest to home, there are so many others that hit babies and toddlers. I hope to relate some information about each in the coming days as we draw closer to the Seattle Liver Walk for Life on September 26.

I hope you will frequent the blog more often between now and then so you can meet some of the beautiful children: Olivia, Jax, Orlando, Braeden and others. Many you may already know and others you may not. If you are on Facebook, I encourage you to seek out these people. Prayers and encouragement can never be underestimated.

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