Sheriff Sarah

Sheriff Sarah

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Latest

As summer heats up, we certainly are wishing we had purchased one of those portable air conditioning units for our house. Yikes - it was 85 degrees on our second floor today. But we are also grateful to the Lord for the sunshine, remembering how cold and snowy this past winter turned out to be. We even ventured out to Red Robin as a family today just to reach some of that A/C!

Sarah continues to thrive. She is going ga-ga over her baby food. So far she is eating rice/oatmeal, green beans, mixed vegetables, carrots and bananas! She continues to put on weight and is closing in on 17 pounds - 16.72 this past Tuesday. And a great bit of news is that we can skip the Thursday blood tests due to her Tac level being so good. 

God has been so good to us and we continue to pray for health over Sarah and the other kiddos and that her body fully accepts this liver for the remainder of her life.

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  1. great news! I am so happy to hear it. Good for you for going out to Red Robin to cool off. Sure has been warmer than usual these last days!

    Emery family