Sheriff Sarah

Sheriff Sarah

Monday, June 8, 2009

Evening Update 6/8/09

Here is the latest:

Sarah does have an intestinal blockage of some kind. So, she cannot eat any food / breastmilk until that clears or passes. They already had her on IV fluids anyway and the NG tube has been draining the stomach, so that should expedite the blockage clearing. Patty and the docs don't seem overly concerned and they told her this happens all the time and most people never even know it is happening!. Pretty wild.

I will send another update tomorrow once labs come back to see if they nail down the culprit as bacteria of some kind or a virus. They explained it to me that a blockage only comes about when the intestines stop flexing, thus creating the "backup" that can result in vomiting since there is no place for the food to go.

Thanks for your continued prayers.


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